CB Passive Income Review: Patric really does Everything for you?

The CB Passive Income review: Is Patric Chan’s The CB Passive Income really work? For detailed view click on this page!!!

Product Name: The CB Passive Income

Author Name: Patric Chan

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The CB Passive Income Review

It’s the secret to making money online. It seems that a few people can easily earn money with minimal effort. While everyone else uses up their initial money and empties their savings, it creates a website that probably will not happen in a year. Earn money while your business is an autopilot because you are a dream and can be implemented using the CB Passive Income licensing program. If you are an inexperienced Internet marketing specialist who in the past has been unable to generate traffic to websites or affiliate offers, Patric Chan will help you, but you will stay with them and you will pay blindly for paid advertising or opening hours each week. Create content to gain traffic without training and instructions.

What is The CB Passive Income?

Every time you need an additional source of income, most offers are part-time. But what if you find a way that you do not have to go to another place in the workplace and spend time or energy for extra hours? A possible solution may be the CB Passive Income. The manufacturer claims that the program will teach members how to create an online business system that earns nothing.

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Because CB means ClickBank and, as the name suggests, this online marketing model extends the acceptance of ClickBank products to subscribers and provides good commissions. The system is based on the promotion of Clickbank products as a partner via a secret website. It’s about creating a small website, sending a selection form, collecting emails. Email addresses and sends affiliate products to these subscribers.

How Does The CB Passive Income Work?

CPI was created by an online marketing expert and best-selling author, Patric Chan in 2013. Now on version 5. The diagram in the above image tells you pretty much what it offers, but basically, this is what happens; By subscribing The CB Passive Income you will receive a printed page and it is your job to sign up for your contact list. To encourage people to join the list, Chan Chan prepares a “valuable report” about online money. To receive a free product, users must register in the contact list. Patric then sends his subscribers via e-mail. Letters or newsletters. These lists contain a suggestion regarding a specific product that can be found in the Clickbank affiliate network. When your subscriber buys a product, you will receive a commission.

Features of The CB Passive Income

Free Giveaway Ready: After registration, a link to a free product will be automatically sent by e-mail. Mail to do nothing.

Patric: Perfect for people who have no idea how to write e-mails. Email updates and the time they are sent. Not only do you have to do anything, because Patric will do it for you, but you can also steal his writing technique.

E-mail: The mailing list is yours: you must advertise your landing page (see below) to pick up your subscribers. When they are taken away, they are yours. Patric sends you updates via email. You can also send them yourself and promote other related products.

Learn more about the campaign process: If you do not know Internet marketing, learn how to best run your campaign, for example, sell and send e-mails. Post office as described in chapter 3.

Upsells: CB Passive Income offers 3 upsells; Inbox Pro version (USD 97), Mass Bot Profit (USD 99) and Internet source of income (USD 100 per month)



  • Beginner-friendliness easy to learn to steal Patrick’s technique.
  • The list of subscribers is yours, but you do not need to send an e-mail.
  • 60 days, 100% money back guarantee and Quality (though you  do not pay extra!)
  • The CB Passive Income is Based on the marketing principles of related companies.
  • E-mail Mail marketing is the method used (number 1 of the Internet marketing channel).
  • A convenient course, especially for beginners, free updates.
  • One of the longest-running programs to make money online.


  • For beginners, It may be difficult to get green traffic, you need a lot of time for the first operation.



Patric Chan says that normally you earn $ 15,000 Per month.  it is really worth the money, The product sold for $ 47 or $ 1 for a fourteen-day trial period. Of course, he wants to help us. It is an ordinary marketing function that the client has a lot to offer. You could say that The CB Passive Income is one of the most effective ways to make a good way to make money online. without spending too much time It gives you exactly where you can earn Although it is limited in some respects, it can still be quite effective and provides what you are looking for. You will also receive a 60-day money back guarantee. To learn more, visit the official website of revenues from The CB Passive Income.The CB Passive Income

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